About Me

I’m Ankit R Gadiya, 17, Programmer and Linux Enthusiast. Go to Home to know more.


This is my personal blog powered by Jekyll and hosted on Github.

I write about Free Open Source Softwares, Linux Tutorials, and my personal Experiences.

Free Open Source Softwares a.k.a FOSS

FOSS means softwares with open source code and open source Licences. FOSS includes a wide range of softwares which are leading a lot of markets in the present time. This range includes Linux Kernel, Desktop Environments, Web Servers, Databases, most programming languages, et cetera… I’m really into open source softwares and hence a lot of posts are on them.


I make Youtube videos about Tutorials which reloves around Linux, and most videos corresponds to my Blog posts. Check out my Youtube channel.

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