Github Student Developer Pack
A description about Github Student Developer Pack and tools which comes with it.

Last night I was going through my mails and there was one from Github. They accepted my request for Student Developer Pack. This pack include a lot of freebies and free tools, those which can be used by students to create an online presence, and start developing cool stuff.

This pack includes:

    Tools     Description    
    Atom     A hackable text editor for the 21st century Open source by Github, free for everyone    
    AWS Educate     Access to the AWS cloud, free training and collaboration resources    
    Bitnami     Install cloud applications in a single click Business 3 plan free for one year    
    CrowdFlower     Crowdsourcing and data enrichment platform Access to the Crowdflower platform    
    Digital Ocean     Simple cloud hosting, built for developers    
    DNSimple     Simple DNS management with one click serves and a robust API    
    Github     Powerful collaboration, code review, and code management    
    Hackhands     Live programming help available 24/7    
    Microsoft Azure     A suite of Microsoft Azure cloud services and developer tools, including the VIsual Studio IDE Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Community 2015, and rest of the Microsoft Developer tools while you’re a student    
    Namecheap     Affordable registration, hosting, and domain management    
    Send Grid     Email infrastrucutre as a service    
    Stripe     Web and mobile payments, build for developers    
    Thinkful     Two week course in web development that will get you started coding.    
    Transifex     Localization platform that easily integrates with your code base    
    Travis CI     Continuous integration platform for open source and private projects    
    Udacity     Enroll in a Nanodegree program, and launch your career in Web and Mobile Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, and more    
    Unreal Engine     A complete suite of game development tools for PC, console, mobile, web and VR    

Really cool huh?? If you’re a student developer and want some or all of these you can go here.

This list is outdated, check the latest list here.

Written by Ankit R Gadiya on 27 May 2016